Bits of Sweetness: lovely day and a story to go with it

lovely day and a story to go with it

Several stories actually but the story I'll save for the parent of one of our kids :-)

Spent Saturday in Seattle with one of my friends from the trip to Korea. Hadn't seen her since then! So, it was great to have the entire day.

Few pictures from the day-
sand sculpture- Starbucks

more sand sculpture- Pike Place

Space Needle- sara and I

at the top

one that shows my belly :-)

and, my favorite picture from the day

If i have a chance, i'll put the photo booth pictures up. Those were fun.

Other highlights from the day-

*Goodwill by the pound (clothing is a 1.39 a pound! oh the deals you can find!)

*Real gelato. (even served in a classy colored cup with a small spoon to enjoy every bite!)

*Fresh doughnuts from Pike Place (only $2.30 a dozen! and, made right in the stand)

*Flavored cheese curds at Pike Place

*The world famous fish market

*The monorail (only $4 round trip. they only take cash though. what fun we had scrambling to find one! and, the one we did find wasn't working. so funny to spend ten minutes just trying to come up with 8 bucks!)

*all the fans for, and the spirit of the first pre-season Seahawks game (nothing quite like $40 event parking! and.... NO traffic on the way back :-))

End of the day was a really neat video of 8 teens Voice of the Martyrs sent last summer to Vietnam to visit the underground churches. It was great to see how each teen grew spiritually. Eye opening experience to say the least! there's something about mission trips that will always have my interest. going on one seems to keep a person's interest for a long time!

So, the story. Just a humorous conversation a parent and I had. While the kids never cease to amuse us, the same is also true of the parents at times! She was talking to me, wanting to know how her daughter's second day went. She then proceeded to ask if we did incident reports. Yes, we do. For injuries and accidents. But, oh- this was not the kind she meant. She wanted to know if we did them for when a child wet their pants... Yes. With an entire class full of 2-4 year olds, we definitely do.... not :-) Imagine how many reports we would be doing!! Lol. I politely told her that no, we did not. But definitely let the parents know. I so felt like telling her, "No! Are you crazy?! They're 3 and 4!" But, some things are better left unsaid :-)

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