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update on me and Josh :-)

pregnancy is going well still! we start childbirth classes September 13th. They're 6 weeks long. I'm really looking forward to them (and am also really thankful we were able to register as I called a week before September!) I can't believe there are only 91 days left(or, 2 months and 29 or so days as yesterday was exactly three months)! Time flies. We still have yet to get the carseat and stroller but all in due time.

Josh is getting a lot of hours at work. The extra money will be great but it's hard working so many days in a row. He had this last Tuesday off but works Wednesday-Monday. He was really excited about this last check. All the crazy days pay off- he received about $250 or so (maybe more?) in commission. It adds up! He's a really good shoe salesman. Knows his shoes well.

I'm happy. So far I've only gained about ten pounds. But, instead of craving good healthy things like roast, potatoes,and carrots or lasagna, it's not brownies, and chocolate, and candy. Not very good timing!

Andrew was being funny the other night and moving just right to tickle me pretty good. He has a schedule now. He moves for three hours at a time (about) every three hours.

Alright- that's all for now :-)

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  1. Maybe 3 will be his favorite number. 3 and 8 are mine. Why, you ask? Because they're chubby. Ever since a kid, I've always liked chubby things. Panda bears were my favorite animal, and I went goo-goo, gagga-gagga over chubby babies!


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