Bits of Sweetness: Blackberries,pies, and andrew

Blackberries,pies, and andrew

Its been blackberry season here for about a month now. The blackberries ripen in waves. They are delectable. I hadnt had the chance to pick any yet so this afternoon I set out to go to a patch nearby. I probably got a good six cups of berries picked. They were so good! I couldnt help eating a lot of the ones i came across- juicy and perfect. Mmm. One reason i wanted to pick so many is that a pie sounded just lovely. Believe it or not, i had never made a pie before! It would not have won an award for looks but the taste more than made up for that. :) we can now see jolts and pokes from andrew on my stomach as he moves. Its rather cute. :) this week is a busy one. I work all day tomorrow filling in for the lead teacher who is off. The extra hours will be lovely on the check but it will be crazy trying to get everything done by myself! The rest of the week i thankfully have my regular shift back and regular job of assistant rather than lead teacher! Wednesday will be fun. Wic appointment and day off for me and josh for our anniversary. If i can id like to look in some of the bigger stores down south to see the strollers and car seats that they have. Im moreso looking forward though to getting to spend the day with my wonderful husband :) thursday, childbirth classes start. Saturday, ill be going down with our church to a voice of the martyrs conference in olympia. We leave at 615 am. I know it will definitely be worth it though :) sunday is a friend s wedding. Busy busy busy!

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