Bits of Sweetness: Cool fall days

Cool fall days

32 weeks almost :-) Here is a link to see a video of his heartbeat¤t=andrewsheartbeat30weeks.flv

What a cold rainy day it is today! Good one to stay inside, write a blog, watch the air races, and keep warm!

Hard to believe childbirth classes are already halfway over. Both Josh and I have ended up being glad that we decided to go. Accomplishments from it: 1)the hospital list is already done! and 2)I know the four main things that will likely be my best friends during labor- ice(a different sensation than pain), music (so many different songs to go with any emotion), Josh, and a birthing ball (those things are so comfortable!).

My five favorite things lately-
1.time with Josh (and, just Josh himself. He's great) shows the Hills(semi normal 22yr old-ish kids in hollywood? yes there are) and Top Chef
3.fruit(especially apples) tea
5.word finds

what are yours?

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  1. Hey, I would suggest bringing a bottle of water that is mostly full or one off those hand held massagers. I had bad back labor with Abby and Tim had to push on my lower back most of the labor. Later we found out that a bottle of water could have eased his pushing.


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