Bits of Sweetness: Christmas shopping and decisions to make

Christmas shopping and decisions to make

Today's sermon was an excellent one on our decisions in life. Pastor did an illustration showing the fork we reach when we come to a decision. Many decisions (and now, we're not talking what brand of toothpaste is better to buy.... major things here dealing with Christian growth) mean a fork in the road. We can choose to do what we are most comfortable with, and then we can choose what God wants us to do. The first is obviously the easiest. The second is really tough to choose because there is generally a self sacrifice involved, whether it be the way others see you, personal comfort, etc. It was good to see illustrated the path we then go on depending on what we choose. It's so true that the harder path is the more rewarding ones. It's amazing that we as humans want, obviously, the decision that honors self more, but then that we sortof know that they choice will bring tough circumstances or things, yet we welcome it. We're suckers for that.

This all reminded me of an article I read a little while ago in a parenting magazine. While it was not written by a religious author, it held a lot of truth to it.

Doing God's will. The phrase "God's will" can sometimes seem like such a vague thing. What exactly would God want in this situation? The article I read really helped me see and relate better to what God would want.

Here's what the author had to say. When one is faced with a decision, it's sometimes really hard to know what to do, and how to handle it. She came up with something that helped her see how it might affect things. When faced with a decision, she would do a little "test" to get an idea of how she should handle it. It's called, the three 1's of decision making. Ask yourself these three questions- how will life be affected one hour from now? That solves the more immediate. What about a month from now? Little bit more into the future. And finally, how will life be affected a year from now.

Thinking with that as a little bit of a guideline, coupled with Biblical guidelines is actually a very practical way of making decisions. It's helped me think of possible outcomes, and where things may end up. Hopefully this will help form better habits with the way I make decisions.

Now, the Christmas shopping is a little bit related, but not as much so :-) I've mentioned before that this year I've been trying to get some Christmas shopping in early so I won't have to do it on a tight budget while I'm off work for two months. It's been such a blessing to see what gifts I've been able to find for really good prices. All the things I've been able to find too have been perfect gifts. Every year, it's kindof my goal- to find not just any gift, but one that is an exceptional fit for the person. God is good. And has a fun side to him. Which sounds a bit sacriligous to say, but it is true. We do not just serve an almighty God but also one that delights in providing gifts to give, even person-specific ones :-)Only a few more gifts to go! Even have the Christmas cards already. I'm on a roll. I like this, as I'm usually not so much. Now the hard thing will be not purchasing more "perfect" presents for people. A few nice things will be plenty :-)

What has God blessed you with lately?

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