Bits of Sweetness: Counting down the days

Counting down the days

It hardly seems possible that there are only 24 days remaining until the due date!! I can't help but praise God for this pregnancy, my wonderful husband, and all our family and friends who have been such a help these past 8 months. Our friend Heather did maternity pictures for us. You can see them here. It's so sweet to feel Andrew's movements. He likes to sleep the same time I do. We'll see what happens after he's born :-) I feel blessed though to have a husband who is a night owl and does not mind being up at all hours (this does not happen every night but he's not one to love sleep as much as I do).

More good deals on Christmas presents. It's nice to find something after a discouraging trip out only to find great gifts that cost oh so much! (hmm.. I was thinking of spending that much for the total amount for that person. For a single item? hmm....)God is good. He always provides. We just have to have the patience to wait and see the provision. (Hard to do is it not?)

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We'll see what happens with us!! Some good friends from church are having a bunch of people over this year. It's such fun to spend the day fellowshiping with others. We went to their place for the 4th of July. it's a little ways out of town, but so enjoyable. I'm curious if Andrew will be here then or not! I guess we shall see!!

Friday was my last day at work until January 2nd. I feel like I have really grown a lot as a teacher and person these last few months. It's been a very enriching experience working with the kids and the teachers. It is nice to feel like I can work well with a broader age range. One plus- picking up some fantasic parenting skills. It's a direct experiment with what will and will not work. That, of course, does depend a lot on the child too.

Josh is quite the amazing husband and daddy-to-be. Being a dad was one of the life-long dreams of his (not life time but long time). We've both been having a lot of fun getting ready for, and talking about Andrew.

On a different subject, the 2010 winter olympics are going to be in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is only about an hour and a half away from us. (The border is about an hour, maybe less). On the radio, they were talking about the different events and varying ticket prices. It would be fun to go. I know the Salt Lake Olympics were incredible to be a part of. I checked on prices, but tickets are not even available until next October! They will go fast for sure. I signed up directly with the Olympic site to get updates on tickets so that we can get ahold of some. It would be a shame to miss out on it! I should see if I can find my Roots USA beret from the salt lake olympics. Can't pass up the opportunity to show off some U.S. pride up there!

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