Bits of Sweetness: counting down the days!

counting down the days!

Its amazing that were already making plans for Thanksgiving. Its one of my favorite holidays. I love the time with friends and family, the food, and of course, the football. Thanksgiving is such an american thing. I cant help but thank president lincoln for creating a national day of thanks. Its a good reminder of the endless blessings we have. I know there are some who are cynical about a set holiday celebrating or in lieu of something- giving thanks, love, patriotism. And yes, it is true that we should not only be thankful, or show love that one day of the year but its also a good reminder to be doing those things throughout the year and not only on that certain day. The pregnancy is going really really well. The one thing i wish is maybe just to have enough time to get our place deep cleaned- you know. The kind that is really going through everything and organizing as opposed to quickly finding just, some random place for things because aunt gertie is coming in ten minutes! I wont complain though if andrew comes early :) what a sweet little bundle of joy. We cant wait!!

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