Bits of Sweetness: God's faithfulness

God's faithfulness

Often, it is easy to get caught up in the everyday busy-ness of life- the planning, the events, the attempt to stay on top. Something I've thought about and been so thankful for is God's faithfulness. It's an unconditional thing. No matter what, he will always be our faithful God. In the big and little things, it's something we can count on. Something else that crossed my mind though was this- he's faithful even when and even though we may not notice. How many times do we forget to stop and look for the ways God has been faithful in our lives? Faithful to provide, faithful to supply, faithful to give us the strength we need. It can be easy too to just count on it. How refreshing though, to stop and look for the things He has done, and the ways he has been faithful. What a great God we serve who does not require our attention or appreciation to then be faithful!

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