Bits of Sweetness: Let it snow!!

Let it snow!!

Last year, around this time, we were hit with a HUGE snowstorm.

That's saying something for this area since we are SO close to the ocean, and it is more humid. We might get little tiny snow flakes occasionally but nothing that even sticks for more than 2 hours. (and the stuff that sticks is only a few centimeters high.) We got hit with another storm after that in January.

So, is it any wonder with the Christmas music starting to float through the air, that everyone has a hankering for another snowstorm?!

One more week! And two days. Or so the due date says! We'll see!! We're getting so excited. Andrew finally dropped lower. I feel a lot more like I'm expecting now!
I'm so thankful for the cooler weather, but moreso for such a wonderful husband who takes such good care of me.

We were at Petsmart two days ago and seriously almost got two of the adorable little dwarf hamsters! They were only $12.99 each and just said "love me! I'm adorable! I'll love you back! And be all cute and cuddly and so much fun!" Lol yeah... I think we're anxious for Andrew to be here!! We decided not to get them as he'll be here really soon. Oh was it tempting though!!!

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