Bits of Sweetness: twas thanksgiving night

twas thanksgiving night

and was this girl ever glad she did not feel the urge or need to arise at 3am to get a lovely latte and catch some fantastic deals.:)instead she decided to enjoy the next day relaxing and enjoying the fellowship of her husbands family. Our thanksgiving day was quite lovely, spent at donats- some good friends of ours and their families from our church. I think thanksgiving holds as much anticipation and excitement for me as christmas does. Not sure why but its sure an enjoyable day. Challenge of the day- picking ONE word to sum of what we were thankful for. Josh- new life. Ok more than one but so true. Little andrew will be wonderful. Myself- blessings. I have so many! Ok. Except maybe the annoying little fruit fly buzzing all around. I cannot seem to get rid of the little pest!! Oh well :) it doesnt bite at least. I think i started having contractions tonight. We shall see. They definitely seemed like the kind that would accompany real labor. Of course, they are and were not regular so they are still considered braxton hicks, but im glad to at least have an idea of what theyll be like. Accomplishments of the day-1:finding what will be one traditional dish for us- creamed corn i made,2:falling more in love with josh :) and 3:making more of our bedroom floor visible, and clean-it being wood! :) looks a lot nicer now! Papers and crumbs are not as attractive of a floor covering. I still have yet to find though why people recomment wood so much. Oh well. Happy thanksgiving to all!

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