Bits of Sweetness: When I say....

When I say....

I found this from a friend and wanted to post it. Such good thoughts here!

"When I say, "I am a Christian" I'm not shouting out "I am saved" I'm whispering "I got lost. That is why I chose this way."

When I say, "I am a Christian" I don't speak of this with pride. I'm confessing that I stumble and need God to be my guide.

When I say, "I am a Christian" I'm not trying to be strong. I'm professing that I'm weak and pray for strength to carry on.

When I say, "I am a Christian" I'm not bragging of success. I'm admitting I have failed and cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say, "I am a Christian" I'm not claiming to be perfect, my flaws are too visible but God believes I'm worth it.

When I say, "I am a Christian" I still feel the sting of pain I have my share of heartaches which is why I seek His name.

When I say, "I am a Christian" I do not wish to judge I have no authority. I only know I'm loved."


Twenty days to go. Seems so crazy! We have just about everything we need though! It's so exciting. Here are a few pictures of Andrew's little space and a shelf we got for free that I painted for him.

On the more serious side of life, I found out today that one of the little girls where I work passed away.Here's the news article It's such a shocking thing to have something like that happen! You expect it to happen to everyone else but those you know. She was such a sweetie! Only 16 months old. It's such a sobering thing. She will be missed by so many. Amazing how much those kids grow on you. Life truly is but a vapor! Thank goodness we have peace through God during the harder times in life.

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