Bits of Sweetness: You know you're in the northwest when....

You know you're in the northwest when....

you can find organic toaster pastries at your local yes, we all up here are quite health conscious, so in a way it should not be a surprise but at the same time it reminds me of 7 up now being all natural. Its just a justification on being unhealthy. Humorous though :)

We just had a big wind storm here. There were winds up to 60 mph. No power outages here thankfully. Our seahawks were very blessed to have the storm end before their game last night. They enjoyed a victorious 24-0 win over the 49ers.

I went in to the dr yesterday. He said he would be glad to deliver anytime :) We'll see when things start to really move forward. Im one cm dialated and andrew is head down and posterior- what a good little boy :)

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