Bits of Sweetness: our amazing Andrew

our amazing Andrew

Andrew Steven Railing was born this last Friday, December 7th, at 7:46 pm weighing in at 7 pounds 8.9 ounces, an adorable 19 inches long, and with a head of very cute fine strawberry blonde hair. Twenty hours of labor and it was completely worth every minute!! He has Joshs nose, my lips, our hair, and definitely a personality all his own!! God is SO GOOD! We were worried Andrew was going to come too late to meet Grandpa Carlson, but how amazing that God let him come the DAY Grandpa flew in, even letting him get to the hospital 2 hours before Andrew's birth. How special that he was able to hold him the day he was born!! It's incredible he's already a week old. It's been a wonderful seven days. josh and I are LOVING being parents. It's so neat to figure out Andrew's little personality. He definitely has one! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that we get to give him a great safe loving home. So many kids don't get that. We can and that really makes me feel thankful! Eleven days until Christmas. This truly is the only present we really need! Little sweetie :-) Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to look for the link at the bottom to see a 30 second video of him. It's cute :-)Health wise, mom is doing well. The inch-long tear from when he was born is what's taking a long time to heal. I'm taking it slow though and it seems to be helping a lot. We definitely have a lot to tell Andrew when he gets older. Silly boy! Nine days late, no sign of coming until the day he was born (reference to regular labor like contractions), 20 hours of labor, being born with his arm around his neck (no danger to him there. was just humorous), coming just in time for Grandpa to see him! He's a child all his own for sure! Merry Christmas to you all! (Andrew coos hi)

Here's a link for a video of him. It wouldn't load or I'd have put it on the page.¤t=MVI_0654.flv

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