Bits of Sweetness: Changes!


Life is constantly changing with kids. It is SO enjoyable to watch Andrew's changes day by day! The past couple days he has started talking and smiling SO MUCH! It's fun :-)And adorable when he does it even if he's a little sad! I recently offered and was able to take the lead teacher spot in the pre-toddler room at work. It is SO much fun! I have a great assistant! It's bad though because she is so good, I'll forget that I'm the lead and start playing the assistant role! Have to remember that I'm the one who needs to talk to parents too, not just stand back! What a blessing though to have an assistant who is so incredibly good. The kids are about 16-22 months old, and SO sweet!! I love them so much already! The pay will be a blessing. Getting up at 5 am is a little hard but being off at 4 and having weekends off is wonderful and definitely makes up for it. The job is very enjoyable. Definitely does not feel like a nine hour day! And, Andrew is a pretty easy baby! Ok ok so his middle name is Stinker- Andrew Stinker Railing. Lol. He can be a little bit of a handful but still is so cute, fun, enjoyable, lovable, and not even a problem with working a lot of hours.(that is probably due to being young!)And Josh is a WONDERFUL incredible husband. It is such a refreshing wonderful thing to be married over a year and KNOW so much so more why I love him! And the ways I want to add to what we have. It's an incredible thing being a wife and mom. Tiring sometimes? Oh of course- anything you love passionately can be a little draining but it's worth it! After all, isn't there a reason you're passionate about it?!!

Here are a few pictures!

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