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Our little one year crib has been great! The name is sure a misnomer though! They only last about as long as the child learns to pull themselves up. What timing on getting a full sized crib! Andrew is learning how to pull himself up right now!

I set out Saturday to embark on the adventure of crib-finding. I had two garage sales to go to, and a couple consignment stores. First garage sale: Found out it was some friends of ours who were having it! Didn't quite have enough money for their crib. Went to the bank. Went to the second garage sale nearby. Didn't even see a crib! Felt a little funny asking if they had one as I may have read the wrong garage sale ad. Hmm. Decided to go to our consignment stores. First one: No luck. Second one: Had one at the amazing "low" price of $199.99!!! Yeah.. I was a little surprised at that. Usually "used" indicates a much much lower price, even if it's in good condition! Anyways :-) Decided to call friend at 1st garage sale back to see if they still had the crib. They did!!!! Went back to pick it up.

God is So good! I didn't even ask, but they were selling it for $75 and told me they wanted to give it to us for $50. Wow... Like I said, God is good! It was such an honor too to be able to make my friend's day... her knowing the crib was going to a good home, and not just to somebody. Hard to let go of something precious, but certainly easier if it's to someone you know who will use it well.

Here are some pictures of Andrew- he loves the crib! It's big enough to play in! And get down those standing up skills!

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  1. thats a beautiful crib! LOVE that you got so much great use out of our "one" yr crib! LOL! Andrew lasted longer than our kiddos ;) I am so thankful that you got it & was put to good use! It was so hard for me to part with it ;) I am so sentimental sometimes :) I love reading your blog! its fun to see your little guy grow up. hard to believe when I met you, you were still PG with him ;) Love the new look of your blog too :)


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