Bits of Sweetness: Thoughts on forgiveness

Thoughts on forgiveness

Is something I think I do easily. But completely forgive? No. Its very hard. Especially when the person you forgive cant change the past and seeks to blame others for their mistakes instead of wanting to change. Its very very hard then. True forgiveness is something I am striving to do. What does that mean to me? Not being judgmental, or wishing to speak words of supposed advice. That only brings feelings of resentment towards the situation and the person. Right now I need a lot of prayer for the times I deal with a special person in every conversation. I do not want to harm our relationship for it means a lot to me. It takes so much prayer and guidance of my words to say just the right thing. Pray that I may be godly in this. Its not often I find myself in this position of support but I certainly am right now and need much prayer and wisdom!

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