Bits of Sweetness: In a prayerful mood

In a prayerful mood

It's amazing how quickly something can make you stop and appreciate the safety and freedom we so easily take for granted living in the United States. There was a series of shootings last night, and the suspect took the police on a wild goose chase down the interstate, all the way from Alger to Mount Vernon where they caught him. It brings it even closer to home when someone you know suffered a loss and injury in the family from the shooting. All sober reminders of the effects of living in a world of sin. Praise God that the family affected was saved! What a hard time they must be going through right now though too. Sometimes it's just as hard having the answers, but the difference is the hope Christ offers. It may not all make sense, but we can still rest on the assurance that God's love never fails, and his peace goes beyond all understanding.

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