Bits of Sweetness: Yay!!!


I really can't believe it but two days ago I got a call and...

I'm getting the scholarship I applied for!!!! It's through the state and covers 90% of college. Just a 2 year degree but that is huge. No loans, no having to hope I might be able to go to school... but yay! I finally can! Anyways. It's a contract with wherever I'm working right now (Kids N Us) for the entire length of obtaining the degree and I believe a year after. Afterwards is a raise or bonus. So yeah by the time I'm done I'll have a great resume there hopefully and wow will it ever be weird to see my kids all grown up and in preschool! Aaaah! Can't go there. I love my kids and would like to have thoughts of keeping them for a while!!

Ok off topic again but... I'm excited that everything finally is working out!!

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