Bits of Sweetness: Fun Days

Fun Days

Today has been one of those relaxing, enjoyable, memorable ones. Church was refreshing with a message on God's love for us with a challenge to deepen our level of love with our Savior. It's so easy to just have a casual walk with Him, but so rewarding to take a step of faith and have a deeper intimate walk.

After church, mom, dad, Andrew and I went to Starbucks for lunch. Their Grandma's turkey sandwiches are tasty! Turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing in a sandwich! Mmm. Andrew was, of course, eager to let us share with him! I don't think I would ever pass up a drink at Starbucks! They have a lot of different kinds. Their peppermint hot chocolate mocha is yummy! MMm! Thank you to those who were generous in giving me Starbucks gift cards! They were fun to use!

I decided to stop into our Christian book outlet to see if they had any devotionals and was happy to find two, one by Greg Laurie too. They have his sermons on one of our stations, and I love his style of preaching. I also found my favorite Bible (NCV) on sale for $9.99 from something like $39.99!!!!! Yay for deals!!! Now home for Andrew to get a nap and mom to catch up on things (Like blog posts!) After Josh is off we'll see about heading up north to Barnes and Noble and maybe Target so I can spend my gift card! I have such a hard time deciding what I want to spend those on!!! Any suggestions? :-D Or do you have the same problem too? Perhaps though we'll just stay at home and watch more Gilmore Girls or Mythbusters!

That doesn't much sound relaxing, but it is in its own way! Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! I sometimes have the same problem with gift cards--it depends what store the gift card is for, though. Maybe you could get a cute new outfit? Or shoes? Or decor? Now is a good time to shop with all the year-end sales!

  2. I always end up spending gift cards on boring things - but things that make me happy, like storage bins or something like that. Thanks, BTW, for stopping by and sharing your tuna recipe! I will have to try it out.


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