Bits of Sweetness: One of these days...

One of these days...

You know how people have the saying, "One of these days..." and then fill in the blank with something they would like to accomplish or think will happen? Here are a few "one-of-these-days" about our lives.

One of these days...

Andrew's adorable babbling chatter is going to turn into even cuter talking with real words!

We'll get a new car! (newer not new mind you. A honda or toyota are on the list)

I'll get into a better job. This one has been good for it's time! But, a change would be well-welcomed.

I'll get pictures printed and a scrapbook made of Andrew! How lucky am I that I have two pre-made that friends gave me and only have to put pictures in!

I'll learn how to snowboard.

we'll get up to Alaska to see all of the family Josh has there.

Josh and I will fly to London.

I'll get all of Andrew's too-small-clothes washed and put into boxes. For now they sit in random piles.

I'll get our pictures up on the walls. Hmm maybe tonight if I can find our level

I'll read all the books I have never touched (Anne of Green Gables series, Love Comes Softly series, or so many classics like any by Jane Austen)

I'll getting around to mailing some of the letters I've written to friends! I never seem to get those mailed lately!

I'll get digital pictures taken of Andrew that are all on different computers and memory cards put in a couple safe places-discs & an online site to name a few.

I'll be able to send 100 texts a minute. And be able to type faster than I already can (JUST KIDDING :-) )

I hope you can accomplish some of your "one of these days" sometime too!

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