Bits of Sweetness: Life lately

Life lately

It's been a little while since I updated! There's nothing of major note to tell, but plenty of small things I could fill you in on if you're curious. So, here go the random facts.

I started singing on the worship team at our church in January. I love it. Our church sanctuary has amazing acoustics. The jubilant,joyful sound of praises being sung to God completely fills the room. Our worship team is comprised of our pianist (also in charge of the music/program at our church), celloist, violinist (her mom plays the cello),several who play the guitar, and many who sing. (a total of 7 if you include the pianist,celloist, and violinist). It's been so enjoyable to be a part of the singing like that. I enjoy it.

Andrew added "please" to his sign language. He also knows "more" and does his own version of "all done" by putting his hands up. He loves to babble, especially while reading (which he also enjoys greatly).

Mom started watching him three days a week. Andrew really enjoys the time with her. He loves playing outside, and spent an entire out there one day, just walkin around exploring.

He loves having his own little projects and figuring things out. He's enjoyed watching Josh's dad remodel his kitchen. Lots of new neat tools to see!

Josh is a wonderful husband :-) He's so good about helping me see the positive in life. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the events happening this very second and not be able to think outside the second. We had a wonderful Valentines Day. It did not start out that way, but God blessed us above and beyond thanks to Josh's mom, and we enjoyed a lovely night together. Josh got me this beautiful necklace:

The front is a mother holding a baby. So precious and sweet. Josh has good taste in jewelry, what can I say!

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