Bits of Sweetness: Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!

We're finally getting some wonderful, warm days with lots of sunshine! I love spring and especially summer. This kind of weather gets me in the mood to spend time outside; go to the park, catch a Mariner's game, go to a farmer's market, or the beach- something fun and outside!

Andrew is learning a lot these days! It's amazing what he picks up on that we don't even realize until later. He can now sign more, please, milk, eat, water, cheese, and milk, although he is getting down the meanings of some like water, and cheese. He'll use some interchangeably, like water or milk when he's thirsty. He has so much enthusiasm about life and loves to say "wow!" Or "whoa!"

I'm laughing at this site. I can't help it. The "cakewrecked" cakes are too funny. This one especially:

Here are some pictures from spring here. I'll try to get some of Andrew too!

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