Bits of Sweetness: Chocolate tears

Chocolate tears

Our sweet boy is growing up!! He's of course still sweet! But it seems like in one weekend he turned into a full-fledged toddler!! It's so much fun to be his mom. To see how he interacts with Josh as he grows older. I love his shrieks of "daddy! daddy? daddy!" when he wakes up (oh, he says mama too but his "daddy" is really cute to hear) He can say so many words now! aco=taco, mama, daddy, papa/bapa=grandpa, amma=grandma, no, ohhh nooo!, mow (meow),and so many more.

I'm going to take him with me to Puggles (the 2's-3's AWANA class I teach) since I only have one other child this year!! He's a little young for sitting and listening like that, but I'm sure he'll pick up on it soon. Oh to get him to sit and not play with the train in there though :-) we'll see how that goes!

Yesterday, Andrew and I were eating some trail mix that had chocolate chips, dried apples, and yogurt raisins. He has this habit of just stuffing his little cheeks to chipmunk capacity. In an effort to monitor this, I told him we were all done, and zipped the bag shut. Ohh my goodness, heartboken alligator tears quickly followed. He then proceeded to shove everything out of his mouth, then put his hands to his face with an "ohh noo!!" while alligator tears still streamed down his face. What a site!! His mother just could not help laughing at her chocolate-tear-streaming-raisins/apples/chocolate bunches all over his lips/shirt/face-son who was heartbroken over a shut bag of trailmix. (He of course did not see me laughing!)

What a fun summer we have had this year!! Trip to the Lynden fair, tea with my mom in Bellingham on her birthday, a surprise party in Portland with family, a REAL train ride with Andrew on Amtrak back up to the Valley(Only $31/one way from Portland to Mt Vernon!), breakfast with Josh's aunt (who lives in Alaska and we don't get to see much!) on a layover in Seattle-Andrew LOVED the car she got him that was a replica of her own Toyota FJ Cruiser).

Josh and I had a wonderful 3rd anniversary! We spent the day down in Seattle (my wonderful parents watched Andrew for us). We ventured to a mall near Seattle, Pike Place Market(I will never grow tired of that place!), lunch at Applebees thanks to a gift card from Josh's brother, and ended the day at Coldstone. What fun! It has been so amazing being married to you Josh! I can't wait to see what the next years hold for us. I love you josh!

I hear a little boy voice expressing his wish to be out of his crib and with momma!! (We're still working on finding a big boy bed that isn't ridiculously expensive!!)

Oh-have you heard about I've used it a couple times now. They have coupons for online places. Some of them work, others do not, but it's still worth checking out as it could save you some money. It doesn't require filling out offers or anything either. You just copy the code and use it. Some of them are for purchases of $100 or more, or purchase of another item, etc etc. But it's still a useful site.

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