Bits of Sweetness: Growing Up!

Growing Up!

Dear son of ours,

In four short days you're going to turn 2! Believe it or not, I am completely ok with that! I don't feel the need to slow down time to hold onto your last days of being a 23 month, 1 year old. I am still sentimental though. I'm going to hold onto a million pictures of you (well, maybe not a million, but a lot) to remember what you were like as an itty bitty baby, then as a curious crawling 8 month old, then as a waddling 12 month old, then into an adventurous boisterous 23 month old.

You melted my heart tonight son, without even meaning to! You found a lid to a box, and were sitting on it, saying "bye bye!" pretending it was a car or boat or bus to go somewhere. It was quite adorable. But then, you turned to me and so sweetly said, "Bye, bye, Ma-ma. Bye bye." You were smiling so happily and waving bye bye at me. It hit me that someday you're going to go "bye bye" just like that, leaving to go somewhere more permanent like college than just a pretend bus ride. Makes me tear up a little because that day will come so quickly!!

For now though, I'm loving the 23-almost-24 month old that you are!!

I love you Andrew. Happy almost-2nd Birthday!

love, Mom

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