Bits of Sweetness: Algebra and all that Jazz

Algebra and all that Jazz

It's been several years since I've taken Algebra. I'm so thankful I took it though, because it is all that easier (for the most part) to do the problems. They're mostly just review. I'm thankful for all the people who have played a part in teaching me my x,y's and z's. ;-) I'm also taking Business Computers (learning to use Microsoft Office) and am hoping to get a job in the medical field in reception with that until I'm done with school. I take medical terminology next quarter so I'll probably wait until I can add that skill to my resume to start looking. I love taking online classes. It's been an interesting experience so far, but it's very convenient to be able to do classes when I have time instead of having to attend several days and week and work my schedule around them. I do have classes on campus coming up (Chemistry-yay!, Biology: Majors Cellular- bleh!, and Human Anatomy and Physiology- yikes!) but they're only twice a week for a couple hours in the evening. That's not until fall quarter probably. Some of the classes fall on a Monday night which means no AWANA :-( I love my children dearly! But at least it won't be a permanent thing hopefully.

I just found a lullaby CD of Beatles songs. How awesome is that?!? While looking for that, some Rockabye Baby! CDs came up in the suggestions. It made me laugh. Seriously. Lullaby renditions of songs by Metallica, the Beach Boys, Queen, AC/DC, and the Rolling Stones?! Just a couple of the ones they have. Pretty funny.

I really am so blessed. Last night, I was doing homework, and Josh got home from work. Andrew was still up. And growing quite tired. So Josh took him, I thought to go play so I could do homework. But a few minutes later he came back into our room without Andrew. He had put him to bed, doing the whole routine and all. What a great daddy!! And such a sweet husband I have. Here is one of my favorite photos of Andrew and Josh from the train expo we went to.

Andrew is such a joy. He is now recognizing colors and letters! We haven't been working with him all that much on it. We do love though! It's a great, easy, fun way to introduce letters! He's starting to say more and more words. I don't remember what I was saying the other day, but I said "dude" and he tried it too! Sounded so cute coming from a 2 year old. He adds a slight "uh" sound on the end of what he says sometimes so it came out "du-duh." He loves going to preschool. His teacher said he sits on his little carpet square in circle time and waits his turn to share something! And,he always has something to share!

Andrew got to make his first Build-a-Bear the other day! He had great fun in the Build-a-Bear workshop and was proudly carrying his bear in one arm. (It's half the size of him!) One night when I was putting him down to bed, I asked him what the name of his bear was (he had just been calling it "behr." He thought for a second, then replied, "Co-co!' What a smart kid! It's brown like hot cocoa!

Someday..... I will own this camera! It's one of my dreams. It's the next step up and key to maybe professional photography. We'll see. One can hope right? :-)

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