Bits of Sweetness: Who needs blogging....

Who needs blogging....

when you have Facebook? ;-) I think it has partly taken over things like blogging. Partly. I'll say it definitely is more rare that it crosses my mind now to actually post on here. It's so much easier to just do a status update.

Here we are at 2010. Happy New Year! I tried to stay up until midnight. Really, I did. But only made it to 11:45. I guess I'm getting old!

December was a great month! Lots of birthdays, including Andrew's 2nd and my 22nd. We had professional pictures done, and they turned out great!

Other highlights were my good friend Shasta planning a 9 hour layover in Seattle on her way back from Northland. She had never been into downtown Seattle and I had a blast showing her some of my favorite places- Pike Place, Beecher's, world's first Starbucks, ferry to Bainbridge, Seattle's 7 floor Macy's, the Monorail, the Space Needle, and all the lights and bustle of Seattle. Definitely some great memories, including my first parking ticket. (Lesson learned: the all day lots are worth it! Who can remember to go back every 2 hours to renew the time! Sure the lots are expensive but they're cheaper than the $35 ticket!)

We got some snow this year! Thankfully not as much as last year! Andrew had a blast playing in it. Christmas was fun. Andrew had just had his birthday so by Christmas had figured out what it meant to open presents. He was delighted to open even more.

I start school this next week(online). I'm looking forward to it a lot. It's a tangible goal, getting pre-reqs done and then the Radiology Tech program.

Happy 2010!

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  1. k.. so it's really funny.. your friend has several mutual friends with me on facebook. I saw her name on my friends wall the other day and i recognized her from seeing her name on your wall. Oh, and I totally agree about how easy it is to forget about blogs with facebook. I think I've updated my blog like 4 times in the last year. pretty sad...
    ~Elise P.


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