Bits of Sweetness: Thanking God for the not-so-fun things

Thanking God for the not-so-fun things

Tonight in AWANA, our lesson was on thanking God for plants,flowers,and trees.I thought of all those who suffer from allergies.It is probably hard to be thankful for the things that cause allergies.Ah the negative affects of a sin-cursed world!It reminded me too of the Algebra class I'm taking.I just got a less-than-desirable grade on a test.I could resent the math, like so many who resent the pollen,or I could just deal with the fact that I need to work harder and apply myself to the class more. For those of you who deal with pollen allergies, I don't mean this to sound like I'm glossing over the miserable months you must spend. But rather, challenging us all to appreciate the things that may not always be pleasant or enjoyable because God made everything and he deserves our praise whether we feel like it's deserved or not. Just a few thoughts :)


  1. Thanks for the thankfulness reminder.

  2. Good reminder Laura especially when one/myself is getting soooo tired of winter and snow.


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