Bits of Sweetness: My new venture

My new venture

Photography! I love taking photos (as if you couldn't tell by the oh-so-many albums I have on my other social networking site!) I have a great little point and shoot camera and I love it. But. It only works great when the natural lighting is good. Otherwise it's just subpar. I decided to upgrade the camera and take a photography class at school this quarter. I am really looking forward to it! We'll see what comes of this. I'm just planning on this being a fun side hobby, not my full time job :-) My camera comes next week. I can't wait! I started a photo gallery. You can view it at More pictures to come! I have a couple photo shoots of friends, maternity pictures, and wedding pictures to do in the next few months.

We are slowly starting the potty training process. We got Andrew some Pull Ups (well, technically Target's brand since they're cheaper and the only other brand aside from Huggies that have that great side open thing so you don't have to remove all their clothes every time you need to change them!) Andrew loves his stickers. He's not so sure about having to sit on the potty. It'll come in time :-) I found some Kleenex in his room the other day. It looked like it had something on it. I realized Andrew had removed his jammies and tried to wipe his bottom! Well, we know he's starting to get it at least right?! :-) We love having a toddler!

Dad, mom, Andrew and I decided to go to the zoo today, despite the cold weather and prospect of rain. I am so thankful we did though! We went early enough that the zoo barely had any people. Andrew LOVED it! It was neat to see him watch the animals and take it all in. Here is a picture of dad and Andrew there that I just love!

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  1. Hope the potty training goes smoothly! Its an adventure potty training a boy :S


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