Bits of Sweetness: Summertime and the livin' is easy...

Summertime and the livin' is easy...

At least it felt like summertime today! It was forecast at 62 and rainy. What we got was sunshine and a blissful 77 degrees! Oh heaven! Wednesday has a forecast of 56 and showers. We shall see.

I have begun to exercise more by walking lately. Although, I suppose after just two days of it so far may not be enough to declare that I have begun again, but, one can hope, can't they? I think between yesterday and today I have logged 6-7 miles. It's extra motivation too to soak up some of the sunshine before summer comes and I find myself a pale shade of white!

We are sure working on consistency with our dear toddler son! It can be so hard sometimes, to hear his sweet, sad cry begging for us to come snuggle with him at bedtime! (he is NOT very often the snuggly type so it's tough to not take advantage of the opportunity!) Oh is he smart though! He knows! (or, at least thinks he does) He knows that asking for a snack could mean that mama might let him get up! Or that asking for "snuggle!" could mean that mama or daddy might come in so he could stay up longer. Oh yes, he is smart. We're learning to find a good balance between yes and no. (Otherwise, how else would we stay sane?!)

I now have my own web address! (It was only $10, can you believe that?) My adventure in photography has officially begun! I have my first * official * shoot coming up (although, I have taken so many photos, it doesn't really feel like the very first "official" shoot.) I suppose "official" meaning other than family ;-) I am loving my photography class, delighted about my algebra class, and counting down the days until my torturous interesting medical terminology class is over. ;-) I had a scary incident happen with my medical terminology test last night. We only get one chance to take it, and have to be careful to not hit backspace or enter or it kicks us out of the test. So, keeping that in mind, I began the test. It is timed and after the time is up, you lose a point for every minute you go over. I began, and was a quarter of the way through when * Bam! * I hit some button on the left side of the keyboard and it closed the screen! This was at 10:40. It was due at midnight. I wrote my instructor. Checked for a response (but wasn't expecting one since she's a paramedic and has a kinky random schedule.) Finally after midnight, I remembered to check for a response again. She had replied a minute after I had checked my mail! She said she'd allow a retake. When I went to take the test though, no tests showed up! That test was worth 150 points too! And I'd already missed the discussion board questions due Thursday (thinking they were due Friday) worth 25 points. Aah! I finally heard back from her this morning and all was just fine! I took the test today, didn't hit any odd buttons, and only missed 20 points (out of 150). Life is good! Even when it doesn't go the way we would like! It's a learning process for sure!! And on a different note, I am really looking forward to my next algebra class. I just found out the same teacher also teaches that. He is 72 and has a sense of humor. The lessons are filled with humor and he teaches the algebra so well. Just what we'd all like for algebra isn't it?!

Well it is off to bed I go. Looking forward to giving Josh a good back rub (and, maybe getting one too :-) )

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  1. being consistent with the kids is hard sometimes. Its something that we have to stand back and realize that we arent being consistent in this or that. Good job at balancing being a wife, mom, working, and going to school! Wow.


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