Bits of Sweetness: My Photography Final

My Photography Final

My photography final is due this coming Tuesday. We had to choose from a list of several things including a day in our life, a day in the life of a child, a theme like the dream, etc. I'm not very good at themes. Can you guess what I picked?Sadly not the day in my life! Self portraits are unbelievably hard to do with DSLR cameras! (I Know! You're disappointed, aren't you? ;-) ) I chose a day in the life of a child, and chose Andrew. Here's what I did.

"I love my son dearly. I couldn't help but plan a fun day to spend with him and photograph for my final. He is almost 2 1/2.

The world lay before him, just waiting to be explored.

And a rainy day it was, but smile he did! Because he still found the sunshine!

A good meal is essential to an adventure begun!

Music says what words cannot express.

Sometimes in life, you just need to stop and enjoy the simpler things!

And of course take a moment to smile!

Sometimes you just find yourself stopped at an interesting place.

Which gives you a great reason to look up and see what you might find.

Time brings things into perspective.

And at the end of our journey, we can look back and smile at what we learned.

(This was Andrew's first city bus ride, and was almost all taken in Bellingham)

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  1. Very nice! I love Andrew's little expressions. No wonder you'd choose to photograph a day in his life. :D


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