Bits of Sweetness: A taste of photography & life in these parts

A taste of photography & life in these parts

Here is a collage of some of the best photos I've taken lately. I have more on my website here and if you're on Facebook I also have a page here. (You don't have to be a Facebook member to see the photos.) It is a very enjoyable venture and I am loving it. My goal is to make great photography affordable. My business name is Snapshot in Time Photography. My business license & business cards just recently came. I'm all official now!

Tonight at bedtime, Andrew told me "no!" when it was time for prayers, but much to my amusement, when Cocoa, his teddy bear, told him it was time to pray, he listened! Silly Andrew! I love you! He is learning and growing and changing SO MUCH! He is talking a lot these days. He came in and showed us a penny a few days ago and exclaimed "Burger King!!" then headed for the door.

The other night we had a conversation like this:

Andrew picks up the remote to the tv and states, "Movie!"

He proceeds to push several buttons, none of them eliciting a response from the television. He then looks at it and coaxingly says, "Come on!!"

He then looks back at us and re-states, "Movie!"

"We don't have one here honey."

He thinks for a second then his eyes light up. "Store!!"

"We would need to take the car."

He disappears to the hallway for a minute, then returns, tromping back in with Grandpa's boots on. When asked what he is doing, he declares. "Gas!"

"Why do you need gas, Andrew?"

"Car! Store! Movie!!"

Smart guy! :-)

In other exciting news, Josh just got a raise at Penney's. I'm so proud of him. He works so hard! And is now making a lot more than you would ever expect in retail unless you were a supervisor. And, he's not. He just happens to be working in shoes and to compensate for not paying commission anymore, they really raised their wages up. We're at 3 1/2 years of marriage already! It is so much fun to laugh with each other and LOVE being together still! Can't wait for the next 20, and 40, and 50.. :-)

Hard to believe, but classes are almost done for this quarter at Skagit! Algebra was surprisingly a second favorite(when I was understanding it!) Photography was by far my first favorite. And medical terminology.... well, it was an intense necessary class that I learned a lot from (hopefully!) I wasn't expecting to take a break from classes this summer, but they don't offer the next math class on campus, and I don't really need to take any other classes so a break it is! Definitely welcome it!

We have a busy busy summer ahead of us, but I don't mind. It has enough of a balance of relaxation, and our busy times will be with fun happenings, so I welcome this season of busy-ness. We're looking forward to time with a dear friend visiting for a month. I'm praying it doesn't rain this weekend so we can enjoy the beach! We're also looking forward to: a trip to Eastern Washington for a friend's wedding (can't wait to see her family and friends too!), an eight-day long trip to Michigan for time with family in honor of Josh's Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary as well as Josh's mom's wedding, and then a short, sweet road trip to Reno the end of July with Andrew and Nathan. Oh, and likely several photoshoots including two weddings, a bridal shoot, family photos, children photoshoots, and quite a few others in the works!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Laura! Well done! Cute things Andrew has been saying. Arent kids funny?


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