Bits of Sweetness: 4,356 miles later..

4,356 miles later..

We returned Sunday evening from our trip to Michigan for Josh's mom's wedding and celebration of his Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. The weather, while a big muggy, was a lovely 80 degrees! Lovely compared to all the Washington rain that seems to want to stay!! Now, I grew up in Salt Lake. We had hot summers there. Not Arizona hot. But hot enough! Then moved to Reno where it was almost a prickly dry desert heat. That was hot. Both made me ever so thankful for air conditioning! But, a part of me misses that warmth! And so, the heat was welcomed! It was great fun to meet Josh's aunt, two uncles, and two cousins. Andrew adored everyone. And charmed everyone's socks off whenever the opportunity arose. I'll post pictures of the rest of the trip later, but for now here are the wedding highlights.

We enjoyed....

~The lovely couple~

~The beautiful decor~

~The cake~

~The fun preparations before the wedding~

~Bride & Maid of Honor's bouquets~

~Bride and Maid of Honor's shoes respectively~

~The beautiful dress~

~The stunning bride~

~"And the two shall become one"~

~Presenting Mr. and Mrs. (Karen &) Timothy Callahan!~

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