Bits of Sweetness: Summertime is a comin'!

Summertime is a comin'!

One final down, only two more to go! I am registered for two classes and almost have the other figured out for fall quarter. Summer's almost here!! I can feel the excitement and anticipation. It will be nice to not have any homework to do! I know though, as was the case in school years long gone, that I will look forward to classes come fall.

Tomorrow, Andrew, my parents and I will set off early in the afternoon for a dear friend's wedding on the East side of the state. I can't wait! She and her fiance/soon to be husband will be serving in the church my Grandpa was the pastor of and my parents were married in! What a small world! Sarah played music in our wedding almost four years ago. It will be a wonderful thing to watch their special day. And, of course, have the chance for a road trip!

Here are the highlights from my latest photo shoot. I don't have these up on my photo site yet, but you can follow my photos at

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  1. Ah, what a cutie! Your photos are turning out so nicely! I think my favorite is the second black and white (not sepia) from the top. The one where it's a close up of her face, and the shadows are so nice...

    I hope you have a fun and safe trip!


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