Bits of Sweetness: Overwhelmed with love

Overwhelmed with love

You know those moments as a parent when you feel so astoundingly overwhelmed by love for your child? I had one of those moments today. Andrew was begging to sit in his mama's lap and, for a second, I almost told him no, because I was working on the computer and didn't want to be interrupted, but then thought another second and realized, "You know what, time flies way too quickly. What loss is it really to me to lose some time to do what I want when really I am gaining some precious time with my son??" So I obliged his request and picked him up. He is such a sweetheart! And he wanted to snuggle with his mama. So snuggle we did. What an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling it is to know that we can pour out so much love on Andrew, and then see him simply thrive from it. How amazing to know that taking the time to teach him how to live life will reap rewards. Oh sure parenting has its challenges. What in life doesn't? But life is such a balance. With every challenge comes a blessing! (if not more than one!) God is so good! And we are sure loving our blessing from him! Maybe someday we'll have more (do you know how expensive daycare is?! One is a bit let alone two!) But for now we are totally loving what God has given us! It was so sweet tonight. One of those moments I wish I could have just frozen in time! (for a while at least!) We decided to watch the latest Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, and he cuddled up with me under a blanket on the couch and layed there for the longest time! I even shared some of my Pop Rocks with him- a first for him to have! He loved them! What a fun moment! I love being a mama! It has so many rewarding moments!

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  1. Kids sure are a blessing. They grow so fast. Glad your enjoying mommyhood so much.


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