Bits of Sweetness: Of summer fun

Of summer fun

What a fun summer we have had! We took a trip up to the Lynden fair yesterday. I love fairs. They are the essence of summer fun. All the rides. Sticky fingers from ice cream. All the smells of the animals. All the hard work proudly displayed. The rides. They even had a reptile exhibit at our fair this year. And I learned what Moo Wich is. {Two huge chocolate chip cookies with a delectable looking inch-thick square of ice cream in the middle} and promptly discovered that they were sadly sold out! Ah we'll have to go on the first day of the fair next year!! Oh! And did I mention that purchase of admission to this fair grants a free ticket of admission to our bigger fair down south? Ohh yes. I love the fair!

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  1. Great pictures! Summer is almost over, can you believe it? We went to the fair this year too, it was way super hot but here in our state thats to be expected :o)


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