Bits of Sweetness: One word thoughts on my mind (explanations included)

One word thoughts on my mind (explanations included)

Praying-- for Jack & Wendi Parriera and their little 22 month old son Cash as he battles a rare form of brain stem cancer. You can read the update on that here Cash has the same form of brain stem cancer that my dear little friend Christopher Hartley battled before he went to be with Jesus just recently.

Loving- my son and husband. Both are amazing in so many ways. Andrew is learning so much. It is a delight to be his parents. Of course sometimes challenging. Like the times we put him to bed and two hours later he is still up, trying to use the potty or get a snack or come to bed with us. I was telling him Bible stories the other night, and he sat just watching for at least 20 minutes. He started to turn his attention to a toy, then sweetly stated, "More Bible stories Mama!" So more it was. It's neat to see what he is learning. He is starting to hear everything and I do mean everything that we say!

Learning- that life can be very unpredictable and short. My heart breaks for Christopher's family. I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child after such a long hard battle with cancer. One of my friends put it so well, "Life is not fair but it sure is precious." So true isn't it?! God has plans for us. And it is a good thing he is in control, not me! Seeing the situation with Christopher unfold, it makes me want to hug Andrew a little tigher each day, and spend more time with him.

Excited!-about starting classes up again this fall. Oh yeah. Give that one some time and it won't hold so much excitement. Still though, the thrill of receiving new textbooks (well, new to me) and purchasing 15 cent notebooks on sale at Target. It's quite fun. Brings back memories! Now, to conquer Math 98 again!Silly algebra. Linear equations and point slope form get me every time, especially if I can't use a formula sheet. Ahh though, the beauty of online classes! Where I can use those formula sheets. Sigh. These pre-reqs are harder than the actual radiology classes (at least from the titles!) and I probably won't use half the information but hey! It proves hard work right?? Also on the class list: Interpersonal Communications (yay!! so I can learn how to act like I care about the customer!) and Psychology 100 (ooh even better so I can act like I care about the customer and get inside the customer's mind! Awesome!)

Wanting- this. (How cool is that?! Just plug it in and upload. HD video!)

Alrighty. I should head to bed. Two cute Andrew pictures for you all to end this with.

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  1. How sad for Christophers family... Also for Cash's family that you mentioned on FB. How much school do you have left?


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