Bits of Sweetness: There are some days...

There are some days...

You just soak in the peacefulness in a wonderful moment of nothing-going-on-ness after a crazy day. I love kids. I really do! But there are those days at work. Not those kinds. Where it's a little crazy but tolerable. No. Those kinds of days. The kind where 2 kids scream almost non stop all day long. The kind where a poor kiddo has parents who never bring them teething medicine and they therefore scream all the livelong day. And too because their parents hold them all day. Oh it is fun! And then half the kids are having emo days. Yes. Emo days. They are happy one second and so upset the next! And then the other half of the kids decide that it's fun to either climb on top of everything, or else torture the kids having emo days. And then everyone decides to boycott nap time, going in shifts. "Ohhk, so you guys go to sleep first, and just when we're going to sleep, you wake up, k?!" It's hard to go from two hours of peace and quiet that I used to have at nap time to.. um.. maybe 10 minutes. Maybe. if they kids decide they like more than a 20 minute nap.

But then... I take a deep breath and remember that it is a job! I could be without one. And it could be worse! And loving the kids is great. And seeing their smiles is priceless. As is watching them learn and reach milestones in life!

Yep. Those are the days.

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