Bits of Sweetness: Moving on...

Moving on...

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the college I'm doing online pre-reqs through for the Radiology Technician degree I'm going for. I know I didn't get a high enough grade on any of the three classes I just took. Barely. It was my own fault for missing assignments. I could have gotten a high enough grade. But life is just busy, and with multiple assignments due the same night every week, I kept forgetting some of the ones due. I knew that I was going to have to re-take all of them. Not this quarter since they're all full but next. But the letter's words made my heart sink.

Dear Student:

Upon review of your grades for fall quarter 2010, I find that your grade
point average is below 2.00. As a result, you have been placed on
"Academic Alert" as per the Academic Standards Policy:

"A student carrying five or more credits who has a quarterly grade point
average below 2.00 for one quarter, shall be placed on Academic Alert and
referred by the Registrar to an advisor in Counseling and Career
Services. Please make
an appointment with your advisor/counselor to select resources to assist


I was hoping to not have to deal with that.

The procrastination side in me couldn't even put it off since classes start Tuesday. So, in I went today.

How painless it was! Only took a couple minutes. And the lady was so helpful and nice. She didn't even treat me like I was inferior or dumb for having gotten put on Academic Alert. She suggested I not take one of my classes since it would take a lot of math and add a lot to my load. She recommended one I'd probably like better.

I love it when things work out like that. Now to not procrastinate this quarter!!

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