Bits of Sweetness: Ready for the new year!

Ready for the new year!

2011 here we come!

I never fear the new year. I don't know why. Perhaps it's that I love the adventure of the unknown. I have no regrets; just lessons learned.

Here's a great idea for all those Christmas cards you received this year. Instead of throwing them away, save them all in a bag, and go through and pray for each family/person each night. Just rotate through all the cards when you're done. it's a neat way to make use of the cards! That's what we did growing up and it worked great!

I'm looking forward to a date with Josh tonight. I'm not sure what all we're doing, but for sure using an Applebees one of the former kids' in my class gave me for Christmas (So sweet for them to do that even though I'm not her teacher anymore!) I love love love Applebees. Their oriental chicken salad and their bbq pulled pork sliders are my two favorites. I have the hardest time deciding!!

Got all my books ordered for this next quarter. I was going to just get them new from the college since I didn't have enough time to order them on amazon. I had a list of them all and decided to add up the total. It would have been over $400. OUCH! One of my friends recommended renting them. I went through last time but I compared their prices and they were more expensive than Skagit, plus Skagit had 1 day express shipping for only $30! It was $60 through ecampus. I saved almost $300 renting!!

Andrew got a special playdough set for Christmas where you sqeeze the playdough through holes to make hair for the animals and he has LOVED playing with it! It's a great way to keep him entertained for a long period of time!

Happy (almost) new year!!

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