Bits of Sweetness: Thoughts on life and such

Thoughts on life and such

I don't write many deep deep thoughts on here. Tonight is just one of those nights I guess. Not in a bad way. Just in a pondering reflective way. Reflecting on the life I have and how many many blessings. Reflecting on how sometimes it is just so hard. Sometimes I want to just quit the job I have. Or just not have to deal with things like people or bills or school. Just have life go great for a while. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut like that. Just wishing things would work out. Wishing I wasn't the unlucky one who sucky things just happen to. Always when I don't need them to. Like not being able to finish up homework for a class, and as a result not getting to take the test, and as a final result, not having a good enough grade and having to retake the class. Again. Or getting stuck at almost every light when I'm late. Or having an unexpected bill come along. Or not being able to find something important.

But I always come back to how tremendously blessed I am. I don't wish hard situations on anyone but I am so thankful I can see them and learn from them; learn how to better appreciate the life I do have, stressful things and all. Because it's the life God has given me, and it truly is a wonderful life. I love it. Sometimes I have to work at it. But I really truly am thankful. And remember that if I'm focused on the negative, it's going to effect everyone around me with my attitude. not to mention, it is really hard to see the blessings and the positive when you're focused on negative.

I have this song stuck in my head currently. But of course. I'm a long-time Cold Play fan. It's also on one of my favorite blogs right now --> .

What are you thankful for? What do you always come back to in life?

( Andrew and I with our amazing 97 year old Great Grandpa )

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