Bits of Sweetness: Just discovered...

Just discovered...

That my blog settings were the old posting with one-by-one photo upload! I wondered why my photography and personal accounts were different!! One time I am actually glad I was able to switch to newer!!! It's WAY easier and faster! Yay!!!!!

I am so messed up on the day of the week this week! It's only Monday!! And my mind is thinking like Thursday?? Weird!!

Big job changes in store for me. I am SO excited to be going down to just part time. Work full time and school full time just did not fuse well! The change will be amazing! Of course we'll have to be careful with what we spend but still. That's better than having lots of extra money and way too much stress to go with it.

Sigh. late night cravings. Do you get them? And no, I don't mean pregnancy cravings. Just, food cravings. They always hit. Late at night. Usually really good things too. Right now I want some more cashew chicken from dinner. I think I will indulge!! There's a lot leftover, and since Josh isn't taking me up on it.... :-)

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