Bits of Sweetness: short form

short form

wondering: why I'm still up!

thinking: about how precious it is to see our son sleeping. He fell asleep on our bed tonight

dreaming: about the future.

hoping: that I can actually do these pre-reqs!!

pondering: if I will be totally blown away if I actually become a radiology xray technician! Not that I'm not working hard; I just seem to have no luck in life with big things working out (Which, could be God's way of pointing me another direction, but still. It'd be nice for once!)

praying: that things work out job wise. Cause I can't keep doing working fulltime//doing school full time//family//life. Something has to give. And it can't be school. I have a great p/t job lined up but I'd need a little bit more to supplement. I'm hoping either student loans or another p/t job work out!! It would be so sad to have to pass this up.

listening: to this song

wondering: where my glasses went? I need a beeper for my phone, keys, and glasses!

thankful: that we made the decision to not ever drink. You save so much money, and dumb words spoken drunk, and integrity by not, plus we have found so many better ways to relax

realizing (again): that I love my famiy a lot :-)

grateful: for the support in life, and that everyone who matters knows the truth

deciding: to

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  1. I LOVE your new header and pictures! Super cute! I hope the job works out for you. Your a busy lady: Wife, mommy, work, and school... How much schooling do you have left?


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