Bits of Sweetness: Starting the year out right!

Starting the year out right!

So, one of my new years' resolutions was to get in shape and lose some weight. I'm not overweight or anything, but my metabolism is starting to slow down, and I thought it'd be a good idea to lower my weight before my metabolism slows down even more and we have more kids (I hear it's harder and harder the more kids you have! And no, we're not expecting yet!) Coincidentally I signed up (without much thought in relation to my resolution) for two different PE classes this quarter. They are online,so my cup of tea, but they're serious business! You have to make a goal of what you want to accomplish (i.e. lose weight, if so how much, or build muscle, etc) and come up with a plan of action. I didn't want to do anything drastic since drastic decisions are really unrealistic and hard to stick with. I just decided I would cut back on portions, choose healthier options if we went out to eat, implement more fruits, vegetables, and proteins into my diet, and try to drink more water than soda. First healthy choice tonight: oatmeal (good oatmeal mind you) instead of a stop at a fast food place on the way home. [Confession: Andrew with me had everything to do with that deicision! I totally would have stopped and gotten some french fries, my favorite snack ever, if he hadn't been along!]] Way to jump start my new years' resolution or what with those classes?? One I am going to love. With previous classes, I am now used to a "chapter" easily being well over 100 pages. One of my health classes has no book, and the other consists of chapters about 26 pages in length. The teacher from that class said regarding homework: "Full credit will be given to assignments submitted up to one week past the listed due date." Ahh! My kind of class :-) But, not to get behind! I plan to stay ahead! I'm hoping this quarter I can get A's to pull my grades up!!

I miss my point and shoot camera! I do not miss the quality. I miss the small size and ease of taking with! The professional camera I have is absolutely stunning with the quality of photos it can take, don't get me wrong, but I don't just "toss it in my bag" and la de da off I go. Oh no. Taking it along usually requires planning ahead. I don't exactly want to leave it in the car all the time either in case it was ever broken into! So, hence the lack of photos of life lately! Sometime I want to capture some frost pictures. It was so beautiful on the way to work the other day. Everything was struck with early morning sunlight and beautiful frost all over!

Fun video clip I found today

Happy 2011 to all!

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