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My friend Julie inspired me to write one of those "things about me" posts since I have yet to do that on a notable # of blog posts. Since I don't want to wait until 300, or even 250, I thought I would post on a random number, just like I me :-)

210 things about me:

1] I'm random :-)
2] I'm 5' 3 1/2"
3] I'm blonde
4] My eyes used to be blue, then multi colored from blue to green to hazel, and now they're green
5] My handwriting changes over time. It never stays the same.
6] I love having a relationship with Jesus
7] He changed my life
8] My dad and my grandpa have both been my pastors
9] I grew up in Salt Lake City
10] I really miss the mountains there!
11] And the shopping
12] And all the great friends and people I know there
13] I have an amazing husband Josh
14] We've been married over 4 years now
15] We met when I was 16 through my cousin
16] I lived in Nevada at the time so we wrote and got to know each other
17] We started dating when I was 17
18] Got engaged when I was 18, and married 3 months later
19] We like deals. My wedding ring was only $100 at Penney's, on clearance.
20] My wedding dress was only $150. It was actually a prom dress! I don't know why anyone would want a white prom dress but it worked for me!!
21] I wasn't actually looking for a wedding dress when I found mine! A friend and I were just trying on prom dresses for fun, and I found it and the revelation dawned on me that I could buy it for a wedding dress!
22] I sure surprised my parents by buying it! I don't think they knew Josh and I were that serious yet!
23] I don't really like coffee.
24] Actually, I like it a little, but I never ask for it when I go places unless it's a coffee place, because I only really like 1/4 a shot to a cup of milk with lots of flavor, so it's too much of a hassle to ask for.
25] I'd rather just have an Italian Soda or blended creme from Starbucks.
26] My very first paid job was working at a firework stand for Phil Knight with Brittany & Josh Acree. It was lots of fun!
27] Aside from injuring myself by kicking a table leg with the wrong part of my foot and inflicting a huge golf ball sized "egg"
28] That was the summer of injuries! I also got hit by a car, while walking across a street in Reno
29] The guy almost left the scene. People there wouldn't let him though!
30] I didn't even break or sprain any bones from that!
31] I did however break part of the bumper of the Jeep the guy was driving while I was so gracefully falling down after being hit!
32] My second injury was falling off a runner sled type thing that went down a pipe run from going too fast and turning too far. It's hard to explain lol but it looks like this:

And... that's kindof what I looked like, just flying so far up the side that I fell off and skinned my knee really bad! It was still fun though!

33] My favorite book of the Bible is... hmm I don't have a favorite. I like any books that have good wisdom for life. A lot of the New Testament books are great like that.
34] My favorite Bible Translations are NIV, NCV and NLT
35] I once accidentally parked in a handicap spot, but this was only because it was dark and rainy, and there was no sign up for the spot. I was SO embarrassed when I realized what had happened!!
36] I never dreamed I would be into photography and own my own photography business! I LOVE it though!
37] I also love my camera. It is, hands down, one of the best cameras for its price range. Definitely in the professional realm!
38] I love the rain, unless I have a headache from it
39] I love cozy days at home snuggled in blankets on rainy days
40] I want more kids someday.
41] If daycare and kids weren't so expensive we would have more now. We want 2-4 more but we'll see!!Only God knows!
42] I never had a picture in my mind of the kind of guy I wanted to marry someday. I cared more about personality traits than looks.
43] I love the inexpensive little dates Josh and I do, like Redbox, or getting ice cream after our son's asleep. It still feels like a date, and we don't have to spend tons of money going out for it to be a "date"
44] That said, it's also fun to have the dates out, but it's not something that I am unhappy we don't do all the time
45] I love going places overnight with him :-)
46] Someday I want to go to Whistler BC and do that.
47] I have an Enhanced Drivers License!
48] And.. have yet to go to Canada with it!!
49] I want to soon though! Maybe for my brother's birthday?
50] I love where we live. Ocean. Farmland. Mountains. Little city. Big Seattle city. All close.
51] The beach is one of my favorite places
52] The beaches down south (like Florida south) are even better and I miss them!!
53] I LOVE California. LA baby! And their beaches are awesome too!!
54] Sometime I want to take a road trip there, or fly there, with one of my friends
55] I have never been to Disney anything
56] I LOVE Knott's Berry Farm though and would love to go back again and again!
57] I didn't need glasses until last year
58] Since then my vision has gotten even worse :-( I can still see well enough to drive but I can't read road signs or anything far away and it drives me nuts when I don't have them on.
59] I would actually rather wear glasses instead of contacts because (other than contacts being expensive and me not liking how they feel) I think glasses look more sophisticated and make me look a little older
60] I am always mistaken to be younger. Usually 5-9 years younger!
61] I don't mind though!!
62] I love to walk, and sometimes run.
63] I want to build up endurance to run more and more
64] I am more of a guy's girl than a girl's girl. I am just not into what most girls are into, plus I don't really have insecurity issues either. I don't ask (or care) what people think or what their opinion is relating to me because I'm pretty confident.
65] I am kindof a klutz when it comes to relationships with people who are really really sensitive so I try to avoid those. I have accidentally hurt feelings and unintentionally burned bridges. Guys are just different.
66] That said, I don't have a lot of guy friends either, I would just rather hang out with guys (like, with Josh and his friends) than with girls, unless it's my close friends.
67] I am not a social bug. I'll be around people, but if I have a choice, I would much rather stay at home. I could not do the whole hanging out with people every weekend. and part of it is that I'm not very conversant. I'm great at commenting, but terrible at making conversation. Not being curious by nature really stinks! I do however love to hear other people talk! Talk the day away! I love it!
68] I have never been stung by a bee
69] I don't have any allergies
70] I used to be (and still slightly am) lactose intolerant. It caused me to lose a little hearing. I had trouble understanding a whisper when I was little.
71] I love to write but have only ever written a handful of complete stories. I always had more fun coming up with the characters and storyline
72] I don't like math. I like it when I am getting it but I get lost so easily and I can't stand the absolutes, although I totally get that they are needed. I don't mind the absolutes being in place but don't like working with them!
73] I love to cook and bake
74] I want to try my hand at canning this year because we get so much great local produce here!!
75] I used to write a kids' newsletter every month with a story in it. It was fun to do.
76] I miss the days of snail mail. I used to write a lot of my friends and then we all switched to e-mail and hardly ever write anymore!
77] I see a lot more about people than most realize. It probably sounds like a conceited thing to say, but really, it's true. It's funny though because I'll miss them and not even notice the color of their eyes, but I spend time with them and can tell a lot about their personality and what they are like.
78] Me and any sport with a ball are a good joke! Like, one time I went bowling and my score was fifty two. No joke!!
79] I used to read and read and read. I still love books. I just don't have the time to read. But now that I discovered I can put e books on my phone, I really should read more!
80] When I was about 5, I said I would come back to Washington to live here, and that is exactly what I did.
81] I love Seattle. LOVE it.
82] Pike Place Market is one of my top 5 favorite places ever. The variety there is amazing. It is a concert for the senses
83] Music is the language of the soul. It is incredible how many different emotions  you can convey through it.
84] I love just about every genre of music there is. Except Justin Bieber. Ewh. Boy bands I once liked. But Justin? No.
85] There is no celebrity I would trade places with for a day. None of them really have the lives the media portrays. They have lousy days too and money and success are not everything.
86] I wouldn't, however, mind meeting a Christian music artist. There are some really neat ones. They seem so genuine. I appreciate the ones who write obvious-Christian songs. Like Casting Crowns.
87] I've been to South Korea
88] I still remember several words and phrases! Anyeonghaseyo! (Hey! Good __ (time of day) What's up?)
89] I taught English there and loved it!
90] It was not at all what any of us were expecting! We didn't find out until we got there that we were going to be teaching English summer day camps at churches.
91] I thought it would be 2-3 of us with 8-10 kids. HAha good one! I had 18 kids by myself at one church! They did give us helpers but it was a tossup if they even spoke English. We appreciated the gesture though!
92] I really miss Korea. The people were so friendly and so hospitable.
93] I learned how to use chopsticks for the trip!!
94] I still keep in touch with several of the people who traveled with us and helped us on the trip. Their kindness and helpfulness was unforgettable, and little things like making us scrambled eggs because they knew it was an American dish we liked.
95] I ate at Outback Steakhouse my first time ever while in Kore and a second time while there too.
96] I keep in touch with most of my team mates. It's amazing to see so many of us married and having kids now! Is that really possible?!!
97] THE most incredible thing about the trip to South Korea was at one of the churches we were at. At one of the churches, they really wanted to give a challenge to the kids to develop a relationship with Jesus instead of just being a Christian by name (most of the kids were already saved). When they gave the invitation, over 200 kids simultaneously stood up. And, I don't mean they saw each other stand up and followed.No, They all stood up simultaneously. It was incredible.
98] I almost didn't go on the trip to South Korea. It all began at an AWANA conference at a church in Reno. I decided last minute, and, I mean LAST minute, like before the last session, to change which session I was going to (I don't even remember the other one) and go to the AWANA mission trip one. I didn't think it would even work out, or be possible, but it was. I was accepted!
99] Another incredible thing. My Uncle takes mission teams to South Korea. I had really wanted to go with them. I prayed and prayed, but it didn't work out. The AWANA mission trip locations are picked for you. You don't sign up to go to whatever country you want. Guess what country our team was assigned?? South Korea! God answered my "want" prayer. I was blown away
100] I can say A LOT about the trip to Korea :-) But it's because it was a very influential, memorable trip
101] While in Korea I ate: fried calamari at Outback (good), octopus quiche (good), jellyfish tentacle something (good), duck (good),Pizza Hut- sweet potato topping on pizza(surprisingly good), lots of rice and marinated beef (AMAZING!),kimche(too hot!) lots of watermelon (also good), miso soup (disgusting!), and an entire little baby squid (I almost gagged, but did it just to say I did it). Funny thing- In Korea, they have containers of pickles that come in containers like garlic sauce would here. I wanted to bring one back but didn't want to deal with it bursting all over my luggage!
102] It's hard to change the subject from such an amazing trip. :-(
103] I LOVE thrift store shopping. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores.
104] There is this really cool thrift store by the pound in Seattle. It's definitely a treasure hunt!
105] I also love craigslist. There is tons of good stuff in our area.
106] I like shopping to some extent, but I try to be cheap so sometimes I get tired of window shopping when I can't buy what I'm looking at.
107] Ross and Kohl's clearance are my go-to stores for new clothes.
108] I have yet to spend more than $200 on my Kohl's credit card with a max of $800.
109] I hate credit cards and am really trying hard to get rid of the $1500 left on the Visa I have. School stuff adds up fast!
110] I wanted to be a piggie truck driver when I was 3.
111] After that it was a teacher
112] After that, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted since school was so expensive and I didn't qualify for any grants until after we had Andrew. It's not easy to find school to do when you're working full time and classes are while you're working
113] It's not as easy as you'd think to afford to stay home to eliminate daycare. You do have to make a certain amount of money to cover bills. You really are blessed if you can afford to do so!!
114] Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken was one of the first movies I fell in love with when I was about 5
115] I was a pastor's and missionary's kid
116] I got my first cell phone when I was 17

117] I would love a cool smartphone, but I refuse to pay $30 a month for unlimited internet. I LOVE the $5.99 a month I pay for unlimited mobile web, and I can view almost every single website out there.
118] Another reason I won't is because, even though I don't ever use it all a month, awhile ago I got hold of a promotional offer T-Mobile had for 1,000 minutes a month/unlimited weekends and nights for only $39.99. That amount a month is now down to 500 minutes
119] When I am bored, my favorite websites to check out are htttp:// ,, phone text misspelling sites, , , , facebook, my Blogger feed, and sometimes Etsy. Facebook is probably top of the list and the others after once I am bored of Facebook and there is no one to talk to!!
120] There are a lot of things I am interested in but haven't pursued as careers due to the extensive schooling involved like computers, graphic design, photography, and being a travel agent.
121] I want to visit Rome someday.
122] And Kuai, Hawaii
123] And London with Josh
124] Upcoming family trips we hope to take are to Alaska, Idaho to see family, friends & Yellowstone, and we'll see where else. That's the next two years though as we usually only do one big trip a year
125] I vowed I would never learn to drive a stick shift.
126] And then my dad gave me his stick shift car. I had to learn then! But I am forever thankful he did because...
127] I LOVE driving one!!! The only time I'm not a huge fan is in lots of stop and go traffic on long trips. You get really tired! But other than that I really really love it. Not everyone can rock steep Seattle (think San Francisco-style) hills with hardly any roll back, or not stall ever, or multi task and successfully shift and drive!
128] I have been chased by a guy in a huge truck on back roads while driving by myself with NO cell phone, which ended in the guy hitting my car, intentionally. That was scary. Seriously scary. And, he was either too far away or too close to get his license plate number to call the police. Turns out I did have my phone but didn't know it. However, he did just bump into the back, and I could tell it probably didn't do anything. I just left since it was not in a well populated area and I was by myself and had no cell phone!! Word of advice: if you think someone is following you, grab something to pretend to be a cell phone, and drive to a populated area!! I was late to a friend's baby shower and decided to go the back way. I contemplated going towards the businesses the other way and ARGH! should have!! Lesson learned!! It all started when he thought I was traffic that was coming onto the road and should have yielded to him, but didn't. Instead, I was already in the lane, and he was going right where my car was, so I sped up to let him get behind me. Sigh. Some people need anger management classes!!
129] I make a really good fruit smoothie and shake!!! Soo good!
130] I LOVE love love our local sweet corn. it's just about to die for!! Soo good! I could eat it just about every meal during the summer with butter and salt and pepper. Mm!
131] I also love the abundance of local produce we have here. I miss the farmer's market stands right now!
132] I love gum.
133] I sometimes wonder if I am slightly intolerant to garlic and grains, because if I have too much, I come down with a really nasty cold complete with body aches. It's weird.
134] I love WW2 and 50s history and information. 50s era things at museums are my favorite.
135] is one of my favorite sites
136] As is
137] I love flip flops but don't wear them much now since it's a lot colder and rainier here more of the  year than it was in Reno!
138] Instead I just wear comfy boots all the time
139] I would buy organic if it was not so ridiculously expensive!
140] Karen Kingsbury, Dee Henderson, Janette Oke, and Frank Peretti are some of my favorite fiction authors
141] My highest score in bowling so far is 88. I'm improving!! :-D
142] I LOVE board and card games. Except Rook and Chess. I don't understand either even after having them explained to me over and over and watching countless games.
143] I love double chai spice tea
144] I want to go on a cruise someday just with Josh. It would be so fun. Not in the middle of summer though! More like when it's just nice and warm,but not too warm. like low 80s warm. Ahhh!
145] Since I grew up where summer temps would hit the high 90s, it makes me laugh when everyone here is complaining about how hotttt it is in the 80s. To me that's perfect. Of course, it is a little warm inside when there is no air conditioning here! but, still you let cool air in at night and you're pretty good to go. That or just find a starbucks!
146] I make an amazing corn chowder. In fact, I made some tonight and I want some more right now!
147] I love to serve people, and do things to make their day, even if it means going out of my way. It's part of who I am.
148] I love county fairs. They are SO much fun. I love every part about it- the rides, the curly fries, the smells, the animals, the displays, all the vendors... ahh!!
149] I've been to the Orange County Fair! It is HUGE and amazing. I got to have the world's most amazing cream puff there. Not kidding! It was really really big. And filled, I think, with ice cream. Can you say amazing?? Like this:

150] It's funny. I said I would never get a touch screen phone, and yet I love the one I have now. In fact,I don't know if I would go back to a regular button phone.
151] I lived the longest in a town called Magna, Utah. Many good memories were made there!
152] I love to play around with hair dye and do my own high and low lights. However, my hair doesn't like to cooperate all the time and I get some interesting result colors. My hair loves either blonde blonde or brassy colors. Ugh!
153] I love me a good play. It is so much fun to go to a good production, especially if you know people in the cast!
154]My husband has a lifetime Thespian membership which grants him free admission to his high school's plays forever. We need to take advantage of that!!  He was drama stage manager for most of highschool and, quite good at it from what I hear!
155] I love crafty things but haven't really done much since I 1)don't have the space and 2)probably wouldn't finish my projects.
156] However, sometime I do want to see if I can complete something, maybe a few things!
157] I learned to sew and cook when I was 7. My grandma taught me
158] I have yet to use my little sewing machine my mom gave me. Hmm One of these days!!
159] I LOVE speed. I LOVE to go fast. Feel the wind rush past me. Tokyo Drift got my blood rushing.
160] So, it's no surprise that I love roller coasters, right? I LOVE amusement parks and would not mind going to them more! I can't do the spinny rides like the Teacups but roller coasters? Oh I am so there!!
161] I LOVE the rides with anticipation. Like, they release the brakes but you still are at a standstill, and then all of a sudden go flying forward to a ridiculously fast fun speed!
162] I've only gotten one speeding ticket. It was my fault for not paying attention.
163] I've only been pulled over 3 times. 2 of which I got out of anything surprisingly.
164] The speedometer doesn't work on my car, but I can tell how fast I'm going by feel. Also the RPM indicator once in 5th gear.
165] Smores made with kit kats are my favorite
166] Although my friend Shasta introduced me to S'mores made with snickerdoodles, chocolate and marshmallows. Those are amazing! I can only eat about two though!
167] I LOVE love love summer time. It is my favorite season. The smells. The amazing grilled meals. The many more things to do with nice weather. The warm weather. Ahhh!
168]  I can play music by ear.
169] I can't site read more than one clef at a time, and I have a hard time reading the higher notes
170] I've wanted to play the guitar, but I don't know if I'd have the patience. I have an ear for the chords, but I don't know if I'd have the patience to learn how to play
171] It is actually a pet peeve of mine when people play the wrong chords. I hear it. I can't tell you what the right one is, but I can sure hear it. I could probably show you on the piano.
172] I have never been stung by a bee. I'm ok with that!
173] Kick the can was one of my favorite games as a kid after church
174] I love the simple things in life
175] I love the Beatles and the Carpenters. I know almost all the Carpenter's songs by heart
176] I've seen Kutless (2x!), Point of Grace, Jars of Clay, Stellar Kart, and Newsboys in concert. The first three were free!
177] Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows
178] As is Glee
179] And Mythbusters
180] And CSI: Miami
181] And NCIS
182] If I could afford basic cable I would get it because it has all the best channels.
183] I could listen to the Gabe Dixon Band CD on repeat for a long time
184] Also my Glee CDs. I could listen to them for a long time
185] And any good Christian ones. Like Francesca Battistelli
186] I want to learn Spanish someday. You know how people who speak Spanish seem to try to pull a "secret" conversation, right beside you, and steal glances at you while they're doing it, like they have something really fabulously funny to say? Yeah... Well I want to learn Spanish so I can surprise them all with a good comeback during their "secret' conversation
187] I think French is prettier though, and would not mind learning it either
188] I have an ongoing relationship with God.
189] I love having conversations with him
190] I love that I can tell God anything
191] I love that I don't have to make an appointment to talk to him
192] I love that He put so much wisdom for life in the Bible
193] I love what I believe, and try to put it into practice
194] I think it is sadly ironic how the world is in such a dead-set pursual of selfishness and will stop at nothing to obtain it. It's sad how the media is so obsessed with doing and glorifying what feels good and what they deem as "good."
195] I want to grow old with Josh
196] I want to have a garden someday
197] I would love to be able to have a place I can paint someday!
198] My favorite color scheme is sage green, navy blue,black,  dark brown and a creamy tan. That's what most of the stuff in our house is, in fact! (hey, so says black and brown can't coexist)
199] Oh, I forgot, What not to Wear is another favorite show
200] As is Rachel Ray's cooking shows
201] I never cry the first time watching a movie. I always cry after that though because I know what's going to happen. Even with the Passion of the Christ.
202] One of my first celebrity crushes was Josh Hartnett. Hmm I think I have a thing for Joshes? :-D
203] I no longer "crush on" celebrities or really, any guys. I know. I'm weird. I just don't notice guys that are "good looking." I have my guy! I don't need to look any more.
204] I like to fold my laundry right out of the dryer instead of after it's in the basket. I fold it before and put it in the basket. Less work!!
205] I really miss the theater popcorn at the theater I worked at in Nevada. It was good. And I'm not the only one who thinks so! They use this popcorn seasoning salt (like a salty seasoning salt, not like Johnny's or something), and really good oil to cook the popcorn in, and buttery butter on top of it. It is divine. yes, really.
206] I'm glad I don't work there anymore though because all that popcorn added up! I do miss those days though!
207] I've always wanted to learn how to crochet or knit
208] I wish my hair would hold dark colors well.I would totally dye it a dark brown with purple or red tint to it(light tint to it) if it did. (hey, hair dye is temporary!)
209] I can't wait to go to Alaska this year!!!!
210] McDonald's bacon McGriddles are my favorite breakfast ever! Aside from Shasta's egg-a-muffins. Those are good!!

And, you really are amazing if you read all that!!!

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