Bits of Sweetness: Things on my fun to-do list

Things on my fun to-do list

1] Make this recipe
2] Do a photoshoot in Seattle with all the cool architecture, backgrounds, and colors [doing soon with Liz!!]
3] Go shopping for a new wardrobe look. I tend to stay on the safe side of things with cute but plain clothes. Time for some flair, even if just in accent pieces like scarves or bracelets
4] Visit Vancouver complete with a trip on the SkyTrain to the Aquarium
5] Write more snail mail letters, especially to a friend I have who is an elderly gentleman. I love making people's days and should do so more! (not out of selfish ambition, but because I just love to do so)
6] Journaling more[in my actual journal]- quotes, thoughts on life, verses, etc.
7] Taking pictures of all the beautiful snow soon before it's all gone! It's rare we have so much and it is beautiful!
8] Going swimming with Andrew sometime soon
9] Going on a date with Josh
10] Taking Andrew to the zoo on a weekday morning when it's not busy

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