Bits of Sweetness: Bittersweet tears

Bittersweet tears

I'll be honest. The past several months have been hard.They've been emotional. It's not easy seeing four precious lives lost to cancer. I know this is where some shake their fist at God and shout "why?!!" but there is so much more to life than just wondering why. Life doesn't always make sense. There are wonderful things. There are painful things. God is still God through it all though. He still loves us. Still comforts us. Still wipes away our tears.However, it does make want to hold Andrew tighter.It makes me want to make sure I tell him and Josh that I love them. Often. 

Cash went to be with the Lord in January after fighting cancer for a year. His family put together a beautiful slideshow of his little life.

From his dad Jack's blog post: I still have difficulty watching it, however, I listen to the music from the slideshow almost every day.  The music was taken from Johnny Cash's 'My Mother's Hymnbook', which was released in 2004. The music was recorded when Johnny was late in his years and has a beautiful, somber tone, that draws me closer to God and at the same time reminds me of our son, who was named after Johnny Cash.  I think back to the service and probably could have watched it and listened to the music two or three more times.

  We miss Cash more than anything I could have imagined, but we don't miss cancer.  Since we were unable to separate Cash and Cancer, we rejoice that he's in heaven and free from cancer.  It's difficult to put into words and attach the appropriate emotion to the last sentence but we are thankful he is free from cancer and know we'll be reuinited again. 


  1. So sad. Was a the little boy from your daycare?

  2. Christopher was. Christopher I had in my class. He was like my own little one. Cash was a little boy whose family I knew. His mom is a photographer and has done pictures for my cousin's wedding, and many of my other cousin's family. Cash and Christopher both had the same rare form of brain stem cancer. Their families knew each other as they both went to Seattle Children's Hospital


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