Bits of Sweetness: Finally some wall decor!

Finally some wall decor!

I love planning ideas. Oh yeah. I can come up with many. I could be a project planner. Or a travel agent. Or something fun to do with planning. However, personally carrying it out myself? Hmm yeah that's an entirely different thing! We're coming up on three years at our current residence and I have yet to put anything aside from a calendar up on the walls! I think part of it might have to do with the fact that it is a rental and if we owned it, I would fall in love with being able to paint and go all out decorating. There's something about a plain white canvas that is so uninspirational when it has to stay white. So, that might be one good excuse. I finally decided to go buy a few things to add some flair to the walls. Here are two pictures. (Note the walls are not yellow if they look it. I wish they were! Or a nice oatmeal color. Nope. Still white. )

~This is the main wall in our living room~

~And this is the wall above our microwave in the kitchen~

Pictures of our place? Yet to come. Maybe! 


  1. love those decals! where did you find them?

  2. Do you want to come decorate our place? ;o)
    Where did you find the decals?

  3. Julie- Sure!! I would totally love to! :-) But you'd have to let me take pictures of you guys too!

    I got the decals at Target. They were $16. And so cool. Just stickers you stick on the wall. I've seen neat ones with Bible verses and sayings on different online stores. You could probably find a better deal than i did, but it was easy and convenient.


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