Bits of Sweetness: White and linoleum just don't mix!!!

White and linoleum just don't mix!!!

They really do not! Especially white linoleum with about 20 or 30 little grooves per square. At least. Those nice accentuating pastel lines and diamonds just get lost amidst all the dirty little grooves. They pick up dirt amazingly well. It's quite scary. You walk across it and it is dirty! Dirty to clean in 2.3 seconds! Seriously though that linoleum is impossible to clean. You could scrub for hours and still have tons of dirt in the grooves. Until tonight. Ohhh my. I found the answer.
                                                                          You take this:
And combine it with this:

And you have a match made in heaven folks! Dilute the solution and pour it over the problem floor area. Leave for a few minutes to soak, and then scrub it right off. It's really quite amazing. I found one of those cheap sham-wow knock-off cloths at the dollar store and it works great to clean it up.

Ahh. Happy clean heaven. Plus the cleaner is green and can be used for any other cleaning too. smile

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  1. I'll have to remember that. We used to live in a place that had a terrible floor to clean. I would be on my hands and kness often scrubbing it.


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