Bits of Sweetness: Alfredo sauce (with a little something extra)

Alfredo sauce (with a little something extra)

I love flavor in foods. Flavor can make such a difference in a dish being a memorable hit or not. One thing I love adding to things is pesto sauce. It is good. It makes sauce come alive with more flavor, and takes it up a few notches from just ordinary. My favorite pesto sauce is Buitoni, found in the refrigerated section, but you can also get other brands in dry packets in the sauce section and make it yourself. (Classico makes some in a jar but it is a little garlicky & salty for my liking. ) I love making homemade alfredo sauce and adding the pesto sauce in it. It is delicious. You can use pesto sauce a lot of ways- adding it to some olive oil and brushing on breadsticks, tossing with some pasta- these are just a few. Here is how I make my alfredo sauce.
Home-made Alfredo Sauce
                              Ingredients:           *1/2 c butter                                                                         
*2-3 TBS pesto sauce
             *1/2 c. grated parmesan cheese
               *2-3 TBS flour                          
 *milk as needed           
              *salt and pepper to taste           
Melt butter in saucepan on medium heat. Mix in pesto sauce. Add parmesan cheese, salt and pepper,
 and flour. Simmer on medium-low heat for 20 minutes, adding milk as needed to thin.
Delicious with angel hair pasta and chicken!
(Even better if you add it all together at the end and let to allow flavors to permeate the chicken and pasta-you can put the serving dish in the oven to keep it warm)


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