Bits of Sweetness: Ever wonder what to wear..? (plus a few more tips)

Ever wonder what to wear..? (plus a few more tips)

No, not on a day-to-day basis. It's a question I get asked a lot in preparation for photo shoots- "What should we wear?" While it is tempting to think the same color pants/same color shirt, it is a lot better to match to a color palette. It can be simple with only three colors- white, purple, and black, for example, or more complex- khaki, green, brown, blue, and white. I tell clients to mix up solids and patterns (as long as it is not TOO busy!) and to use color. (It stands out more! Although, if you are going for a softer feel, go for the pastels!)  Also add accessories whether it is a vest, jacket, scarf, belt, hat, cute/cool shoes (think pretty sandals, converse, nice heels, etc), nail polish, jewelry, hair bows or headbands- anything extra that adds a little flair. Do what your family is comfortable with though! If you have a child who cannot stand hats, you may want to think about something else like a book or beloved stuffed animal. Practice is good too! Don't introduce a new hat the day of a photo shoot! Children are intimidated by new things! Introducing it a couple weeks before frequently works wonders! Every time I've been asked about outfits, I've gone and found "what to wear" links for them. Different photographers put these pages together. But the thought hit me today- why not just make one of my own?! So that is precisely what I did. I will try to do it every few months so you can have a good idea every season. The clothing is almost all from the Gap and Old Navy. (Any store will work! They just so happen to have the most color coordinated outfits which makes it easy to do!)


  1. Our whole family (mine, my sisters, and our parents- 6 adults, 9 kids) are doing a photo shoot soon. What do you think a big group like that should wear?

  2. I would go with a simple color palette- like 3- 4 colors tops. Colors like brown, blue, and khaki or white would look good. Maybe all khaki pants and then doing different colors but same palette for the tops. You could also have all the guys do a certain color(s) and all the girls do their own certain color(s).


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